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We DON'T charge to open your iPhone up and dry it out.

If your iPhone shows no signs of life after being dried out, we can run some tests to see if is repairable.  If it is repairable, we will only charge you for the parts that need replacing.

If its not fixable, we will pass you your iPhone back and there will be no charge.

For your iPhone to stand the best chance of survival, you need to get it to us A.S.A.P within 48 hours. Switch it off, keep it away from chargers and rice and bring it in

Never try to switch your iPhone on after it has just been in water, as it can cause a short-circuit and cause more damage.

The first thing that needs to be done; is for your phone to be OPENED up and the water dried out QUICKLY.

Turn the device off immediately following any contact with liquid, always turn any electronics device off immediately.

Do not put on a radiator as batteries and heat don’t mix.  


Rice cannot fix electrics!!

Neither will it reverse any damage that water has already caused inside to the battery. If water has already caused a short circuit, or has seriously corroded the metal on the mother board, placing the iPhone or battery into a container of rice won't do a thing.

Some people immediately think to put their phone in rice immediately following contact with water. This is thanks to a myth that dates back to the late 90s when phones were modeled on bricks. This is actually one of the worse things you can do.

While the logic of pulling water or liquid out of the device slowly sounds like a good plan, it actually isn't.
Once the device completely dries out, corrosion sets in. You want to avoid this at all costs.

In our experience, rice actually causes corrosion to set in faster. Not to mention, rice gets caught in headphone jacks, dock connectors, and other small places.

We've actually seen rice get inside the device itself and cause build up when it expands.

Not only does it cause more damage from time to time, it's also not fun to pick out of small areas.
Most reputable repair places will tell you to place the still wet device into a plastic bag and bring it in as is.

If they're telling you to put it in rice first, then you don’t want them touching your iPhone.

To remove liquid, attempt to shake it out from any entry points or hold it upside down .
Don't use a charger.  Most people have an inclination to plug a charger into it immediately after water damage occurs.

Leaving the device completely turned off for a period of time is best practice.

If you don't think the damage was bad enough to warrant taking it in for repair,

I'd still avoid chargers for at least 72 hours before attempting to plug it in and turn it on.

We cannot stress enough, DO NOT TURN IT ON


Your phone needs to be opened quickly and dried out prop as soon as possible.

The faster this is done, the more chance there is of your phone surviving. 


These are photo's of a phone left in rice for 72 hours before opening it to check for corrosion

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