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Unlocking your iPhone 

If you would like us to unlock your phone, just bring it into the shop, with payment. We will take the IMEI number off the phone, pass you the phone back and then we will process the unlock.

 It can take anything from 3-16 working days before the phone is unlocked. Vodafone is the longest, while O2 is the quickest.

If you are unsure if your iPhone is unlocked or you are not sure what network the phone is on, call in and we can check for you.

  If you contact the network direct they can do it cheaper than us and in some cases they will do it for FREE.

Going direct to your current provider, may speed your unlock up by a day or two.

Orange & EE (Virgin) - £25

O2 (TalkTalk, Tesco) - £25

VodaFone - £25

Three - £25


If you are on the THREE network, it is likely that your iPhone is already unlocked.​​

Below is a list of the direct links to the networks websites for your phone to be unlocked.

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